Qualifications of Wilbert Wils PhD



  • Certified “practioner” of Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine PhD) for the treatment of trauma. Basic trainings in the USA and Switzerland and further trainings.

  • I work since years informally with Focusing for communicating with the wisdom of the body (Eugene Gendlin PhD). Right now I am following the training to also formally become a Focusing Professional and Trainer 

  • Advanced training for hypno- and regression therapy and Basic Medical Knowledge.

  • I expect to be recognized soon in the Netherlands as “alternative healer”


Chi Nei Tsang and Chi Kung:

  • In Thailand I worked for years with Master Mantak Chia and became senior instructor for Chi Kung and instructor for Chi Nei Tsang as well as for Cosmic / Pranic Healing.

  • I gave workshops and individual sessions in both Chi Kung and Chi Nei Tsang in Thailand (Tao Garden), USA, Netherlands and France among others at Les Temps du Corps. (Paris)

  • Many years I collaborated with Dutch Management centre the Ark for their intensive courses for Dutch higher management in France.

  • In september 2010 I was invited to give a talk about Chi Nei Tsang and Trauma in Tao Garden, Thailand, at the congress for the 30 year teaching of Master Mantak Chia.


As advisor:

  • Intensive bio-energetic therapy.

  • Independent study of general psychology, training in regression therapy.

  • Many trainings in the area of personal development, intuitive development, meditation, dreams, Self Confrontation Method, Focusing.

  • Official facilitator for the Game of Transformation of Findhorn, Scotland. This sophisticated board game is a wonderful tool to observe oneself in action.

  • Next Steps. This is a short version of the Game which serves as an oracle.


Otherwise of course my academic qualifications in diverse areas as described in the biography.


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