Biography of Wilbert Wils PhD


As a scientist I have learned to observe natural systems, see the pattern in them and convey that knowledge to others by means of lectures and articles.


As a consultant I learned to observe complex human systems, see the pattern and convey that information directly to involved others. Moreover I learned much about humans and human psychology.


As a Taoist I learned to observe and see the patterns in humans themselves. Since then I have been working directly with people via touch and verbal interaction.


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I was born and grew up in the Netherlands. I studied sciences there, got married, had three children, and got my doctorate. Later I worked in the Netherlands, Denmark and the USA, among others at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). I did research, wrote articles, taught and gave lectures. After some years my body told me. Do something which brings you into the normal world.


Next I became a Systems Dynamics (SD) consultant to help people understand the complicated behavior of social systems and worked with this at MIT. Back in Europe I worked in SD, future scenario's and strategy in various countries and fields, both in the private and public sectors. I learned to work with often stressed and emotional people. I did many trainings and therapy. I learned about my own emotions and those of others and how to deal with them. A number of years later once more circumstances and my body let me know: it is time to move on.

I moved to Thailand to get into Taoism, the old Chinese holistic way of looking at creation, to study and work with it. I lived for many years in Tao Garden, the centre of master Mantak Chia. I learned Chi Nei Tsang, an old Taoist energetic massage of the organs and Chi Kung, the art of working with Chi, life energy. To find more quiet I spent most time in a remote ashram in B.C. Canada, among others, half a year in silence. In the end I followed a very strict fast which left me with the choice of dying or eating again. Life wanted me to live as a normal person and not as a ascetic hermite.

After again some therapy a new life began. I worked partly in Paris, partly in the USA. With my partner I gave courses in Chi Nei Tsang, Chi Kung and private sessions. Many years we collaborated with a Dutch management centre in an intensive week long training for higher Dutch management in France. I came in touch with the newest forms of Western Bodywork and therapy and learned that the most important is to be present and listen. My work became more therapeutic. Also in this period I got very involved with the Advaita Vedanta as taught by Sri Ramana Maharshi: in essence all that exists is consciousness, and life happens. This has influenced me deeply. I had teachers in the East and West, among others Sri Ramesh Balsekar.


The past few years I have been able to integrate these insights in one coherent vision and way of working. The experience I had with the application of this have shown me that I can give substantial support as a therapist and alternative healer.


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